luciana galucci photography
Hello and welcome to my little corner of the World! 

 I'm Luciana, the face and name behind Luciana Galucci Photography. In addition to being a photographer, I am a wife and a mom of two beautiful girls. I love outdoors, travel, arts and crafts, I love good food and wine and sharing these with family and friends.  I love meeting new people and I love helping others; I love sitting on the beach watching the sunset and listening to the ocean and I love watching the raindrops and hear them fall on the rooftop and on the ground. I like great things but also love the simpler things in life and photography allows me to capture great and simpler moments in time. I love the emotions  photography evokes in people when they look at photos, I love the artistic freedom that it gives me.
As a photographer I am always looking for new, non-conventional ideas in order to create a unique way of telling people's stories on my photos. I love that you can have a 100 photos of the same place and they can all be different…
My work goes beyond of pressing the shutter button. First, I want to know who you are, your personality, your taste, style, and expectations. I will prepare our session and take care of the details so you can just relax and have fun during our photo shoot.
Please send me an email and let’s plan your next session. I guarantee we’ll have a great time and you’ll get lovely pictures! 
luciana galucci photography
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